E #333: the great unfurling as a successful entrepreneur with 4/6 Manifestor Viola Hug

Jul 02, 2023

In Today's interview, Kehla chats with 4/6 Splenic Manifestor Viola Hug. She is a renowned Mentor, thought-provoking Writer and Speaker in prosperity, healing, & energetics. Viola is also a best-selling author to kids' human design affirmation books!

Today the ladies dive into:

  • Viola's journey of grinding as a Manifesting Generator until she discovered she was a Manifestor
  • What the great softening of a Manifestor looks like
  • The essence of flowing through the Manifestors cycle
  • How Viola generated massive wealth early in her business & then burned it all to the ground
  • How the 54.6 Gene Key in her Purpose sphere shook up her world around transforming her relationship to money
  • How she followed the splenic nudge to draft, write and publish 5 books in barely a month
  • How the coaching industry has shifted and how Viola reevaluated her mindset to have her business be more impactful and sustainable while dismantling the hierarchies and patriarchal capitalistic conditioning 
    ... and so much more!



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