Kehla brings 8 years of coaching experience to the table, having successfully operated her online coaching business for more than 5 years. She is not just a coach but a 6/2 Sacral Generator and a Spiritual Mindset & Businss Coach specializing in guiding entrepreneurs on specifying their genius, creating signature offers and scalable business frameworks.

Her mission is clear: to help individuals embrace their Human Design and Gene Keys, enabling them to navigate their entrepreneurial paths with unshakable empowerment. Kehla's approach is all about creating businesses that are not only successful but also energetically aligned with her clients.

As the host of the "Living in Fierce Alignment" podcast, Kehla has produced an impressive 400+ episodes, including 120+ interviews. When you consider her contributions as both an interviewer and a guest on various channels, she has actively participated in over 100 interviews since 2019. Recently, her channel has been listed in the top 3% globally.

Kehla's commitment is to usher in a new era of transparency in both life and business. She is dedicated to reshaping the online entrepreneurial landscape, making it a place where all journeys are celebrated and normalized.

Within this portfolio, you'll discover an extensive collection of Kehla's podcast interviews, appearances at summits, guest speaker roles in programs, and more.

Kehla is a true embodiment of the principles of Human Design and Gene Keys. Her expertise lies in teaching your audience how to learn, implement, and fully integrate these powerful energetic tools into their lives and businesses. By doing so, they can authentically present themselves as business owners, leaving a profound impact on their clients and the industry as a whole.

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Podcast Interviews
Summit Appearances
Program Guest Speaker
YouTube Appearances

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Today Nicole talks with Kehla, a human design and gene key specialist. Kehla shares her entrepreneurial journey and deep dives into how to use your human design in your own entrepreneurial journey.

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Wouldn't it be nice to just get the cheat code for entrepreneurship? Wouldn't it be lovely if someone just told you exactly what you individually needed to do to be successful? I'm not talking about coaching or consulting or your BFF over mimosas. I'm talking about you, your destiny, and what you need to do to work with your particular style to get where you need to go.

Well, I might not have all the answers, but today I'm being assisted by Kehla G. We are talking about Gene Keys and Human Design while we dive into personal and vulnerable stories about entrepreneurship.

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In this episode, Kehla delves into the significance of embracing one's unique human design for empowerment and authentic living. The conversation covers topics such as exploring different centers and gates, understanding the mutative nature of human design, and offering practical tips. Kehla emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and authenticity, encouraging listeners to tap into their inner resources and adopt a gentle approach. Tailored for entrepreneurs, the episode underscores the significance of self-compassion in the business world, challenging the pursuit of perfection and advocating for sustainable growth by balancing energetics and strategy from the outset.

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Ever felt like you're energetically misaligned in your life or business? What if there were tools that could help you align with your authentic self?

Tune in as we explore the incredible world of Human Design and Gene Keys with spiritual mindset coach and entrepreneur, Khela G. A former teacher and personal trainer, she has journeyed into the realm of online coaching, using a blend of Human Design and Gene Keys to support fellow entrepreneurs.

In our conversation we discuss:

How these elements interact, amplify areas of your lifeThe connections between the Gene Keys system and Human DesignTheir impact on personal, family, and professional lives

Embark on this transformative journey with us and find your path to alignment and growth.

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Being human is complex and it can feel like we are an outsider of our very own experience. 

Do you truly understand yourself? Are you connected to your genius?

The Gene Keys are a powerful tool to help us illuminate our consciousness and understand our unique human blueprint. They empower us to take responsibility for our lives and inspire us to evolve and expand.

Join Alara Sage and Kehla G as they discuss what the Gene Keys are and how they can help you deepen your relationship with yourself.

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In this episode Kehla and Colleen riff off about how the intuitive impact and being led in it can change the way you do life and business.

Kehla dives into Colleen’s Gene Key’s Activation Chart and so many ah-ha’s move through as to the power that they hold.

They jam out about “being comfortable” and how to keep expanding into business and leading a life from the heart.

Why play is such a key piece to joy.

What is the Illuminated Entrepreneur and how they show up in life… so much more.

This episode is lit up and so juicy.

You can listen here on Apple or Spotify

If you love Human Design, Astrology, or any personality type assessment – you’re going to love the Gene Keys and this episode.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Things You’ll Learn In This Episode of Feminine Fire:

  • What the Gene Keys are and how they can support you in business
  • How to start interpreting and reading your own Gene Keys profile using Bec’s profile as an example
  • How you can embody your Gene Keys through your Human Design and what that looks like as a business owner 

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Sacral Generator 6/2 | Kehla Guimond | GK & HD Business Expert | Gene Keys & Human Design

Kehla is currently living in Victoria, British Columbia and has been online in her business for 4+ years. She is a 6/2 Sacral Generator and Spiritual Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs. She coaches beautiful souls on how the embodiment of their Human Design and Gene Keys so that they can be bold, confident, clear and impactful in the way they show up in their business and serve their clients. Kehla's committed to transparency and demystifying the BS that shows up in the online space so entrepreneurs can be courageous in their journey. She is also the host of the living in fierce alignment podcast which has over 320+ episodes and 84+ interviews to date!

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S2 Ep8 - What are Gene Keys and how to use them in our life and business

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Who is Kehla, and how did she discover the Gene Keys
  • What are the Gene Keys, and how to use them in your business
  • How to apply Human Design and Gene Keys and how to express yourself authentically based on these systems
  • How to deal with shadows
  • Tips for people how is starting contemplating their Gene Keys
  • How to change the mindset from how to achieve a certain thing to a mindset that embraces the highs and lows
  • How to move from doing, in Human Design, to being in Gene Keys
  • How to start incorporating the Gene Keys in your business 

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#026: Building a sacral business + infusing Gene Keys with Kehla, a 6/2 Sacral Generator

In this episode of the Stephanie Smolders Show we interview Kehla, a 6/2 sacral generator and spiritual mindset coach who works with entrepreneurs on embodying their human design and gene keys in business.

Kehla shares her journey of discovering coaching through personal development work and how she grew passionate about mindset coaching.

In 2019, she started an online mindset coaching business and got drawn into the vortex of online coaching.

The conversation dives into the highs and lows of aligning with one's design and the impact it can have on business success.

We also dive deeper into the Gene Keys and how you can use this tool for your business.

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How to Use the Gene Keys to Create a Foundation In Your Business with Spiritual Mindset Coach Kehla G

In this episode, we dig into how to apply Human Design and The Gene Keys to your business to create a foundation based on your Soul's Blueprint. Kehla G drops some fire on how to apply what is already within you to your business. In this episode we discuss:

  • The depths of the Incarnation Cross and how it is what you came here to embody
  • How to contemplate the Shadows and Gifts to build a solid foundation in business
  • How to understand your Unconscious Design and how it could show up in your life and business
  • How Kehla uses hypnotherapy to dig even deeper into the unconscious of her clients
  • How each line within the Gene Keys spheres activates a different level of flavor that you can contemplate

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"We're so much more than just our type" - Kehla G.

Show Notes: Episode #17

  • Kehla's personal story  that created a shift for her in her life
  • How Human Design gave her the answer she was looking for with frustration
  • How separating the unconscious and conscious parts of the chart has helped her with her clients
  • What the Gene Keys are
  • Deconditioning
  • Prosperity and how it has shifted for her since she first began her online business
  • Kehla's work and what she brings to the world (her genius)

Show Notes: Episode #18

  • Open Throat and Ajna
  • Deconditioning
  • The magic of Human Design and how it works
  • Leveraging time and space
  • Staying grounded with an open Root Center
  • Channel 5/15
  • Bottom left arrow and how it affects her

EP 05 | Spiritual Mindset Coach Kehla G.

In this episode, I interviewed Spiritual Mindset Coach Kehla G to capture her story on:

  • How she's been meditating for over 3.5 years & how this has supported her nervous system regulation with being an entrepreneur
  • The surprises and challenges of what it's been like the last 4 years of growing her business
  • How she stays disciplined vs. motivated in the lows of her entrepreneurial journey
  • What Human Design is and how it's supported her as an entrepreneur and much more!

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Contemplating the Gene Keys for a more Fulfilling Life 

Kehla is a 6/2 Sacral Generator and Spiritual Mindset Coach that works with individuals and entrepreneurs on how to embody their Human Design and Gene Keys. She supports her clients in being bold, confident, clear and impactful in the way they show up and serve their clients while creating a sustainable business that’s energetically aligned for them. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • What the Gene Keys are & why this system/tool can support you in your life 
  • How to use the Art of Contemplation as an intentional way of living & contemplating the Gene KeysHow to cultivate a deeper sense of compassion towards all levels of frequencies we experience as humans

Join Chantal Cox, Guin White, and special guest Kehla G on this episode of The Create a Life You Love Podcast as they discuss how you can liberate and express yourself in your business by embodying your unique Human Design and Gene Keys. Kehla, a 6/2 Sacral Generator and Spiritual Mindset Coach, shares the importance of the Gene Keys, how it can strengthen your intuition and self-trust, and how Human Design can be your driver while your Gene Keys serve as the map to a successful and sustainable business. Don’t miss this unique and refreshing approach to business and life that will provide you with deep insights and a few laughs.

E #183: Waiting to Respond as a Sacral Generator with Kehla G

In this episode with Jacquelyn, who is the host of the Glow Radio podcast, the ladies dive into Kehla's journey of entrepreneurship and how she embodies her design as a 6/2 Sacral Generator. Together they also synthesize the experience of Astrology and Human Design and Kehla dives into how we can leverage the Gene Keys in our life & business.

Feeling like you're not connecting with the right audience? You’re not alone today's guest has been there too. Kehla G shares how she was able to overcome this struggle by weeding out her broad messages and replacing them with specific targeted ones that really get into the “nitty gritty” of what her business actually is and who she wants to reach with her work. 

In this episode you’ll learn :

  •  How to identify if your messages are too broad
  •  How to start being vulnerable and real with your audience
  •  Ways to make your audience feel seen and related to
  •  How to be specific in the content you are releasing to reach the right people
  •  How to start being seen through your work as a specialist

Kehla G was looking for a way to bring her Mindset Coaching business to the next level. A friend randomly shared their stories about Human Design and she decided to look up her chart, learning she was a Generator. Despite the overwhelming complexity of the system, the Human Design and Gene Keys kept calling her back.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. Uncovering the mysteries of Human Design and Gene Keys through birth time, location and date.

2. Exploring the five different types and twelve profiles of Human Design to uncover how one is meant to show up in the world.

3. Investigating the three sequences of the Gene Keys to better understand one's business and how you serve others

 This episode welcomes our first ever Generator to the show! Kehla Guimond is a 6/2 Sacral Generator who's here to help us change the way we interact with the Human Design System and the Gene Keys.

We have such a great and wide-ranging conversation in this show, and we flow between Human Design and the Gene Keys seamlessly. Kehla has some awesome suggestions on how to begin using the Gene Keys if you're brand new to them. And if you're more advanced (or just really want to hit the ground running), Kehla offers tons of different ways you can bring depth to your understanding of the Gene Keys system.

We also talk about the similarities and differences between the Gene Keys and the Human Design Systems. And Kehla again comes through with great suggestions to make the Gene Keys a little more actionable.


Having Kehla as a guest on my podcast was wonderful. The depth of her knowledge and the way she presented it led me to so many insights on air. Kehla’s unique approach to Human Design and the Gene Keys is paving the way for deeper understanding and implantation of both systems.

- Ardelia Lee, 1/3 Projector

Using human design and gene keys to live in alignment with Kehla G

Kehla is a Spiritual Mindset Coach that is certified in NLP, Hypnosis, Law of Attraction, TIME Techniques, EFT, Reiki and Human Design and Gene Keys Coaching. What lights her soul on fire is working with fellow Entrepreneurs around embodying their true energetic essence through their Human Design & Gene Keys, so that they get to thrive in their life & business with ease & flow. Kehla is also a podcast host for her channel: living in fierce alignment - a go-to place to learn more about Human Design, Gene Keys, mindset, human behavior, manifestation & spirituality.

In today's episode, we dive DEEP into human design and gene keys and how to use this information to live in alignment. We even take a deep dive into my chart so that you can read your own!

Kehla is a 6/2 Sacral Generator and Spiritual Mindset coach for entrepreneurs. We chat about the Gene Keys, an adaptation of human design that looks inward at what is keeping you at lower frequencies. I learned something and I’m sure you will, too. 

Coming Home to Your Authentic AF Self Using Human Design & Gene Keys with Kehla G

In this episode, Kehla and I dive into ALL things human design & gene keys, the basics, how to get started or jump in deep, how she helps entrepreneurs find their unique expression, and how you can learn more about human design & gene keys to fully embody your own truth and live an authentic AF life.


Kehla was such a fabulous guest to have on my podcast.  Her energy and enthusiasm for human design and the gene keys is contagious and she lights up everyone around her with that energy.  She was such a pleasure to chat with and we could have gone on for hours.  She answered every question I could think of haha and so beautifully shared openly and vulnerably about her experiences to help the listener be engaged and understand. Her knowledge and embodiment of the human design and the gene keys is absolutely brilliant.  I loved  having her on the podcast, and I hope she will be back on soon!

- Vicky Lincoln, 4/6 Sacral Generator

In this episode we are joined by Spiritual Mindset Coach, Kehla G!

Introducing you to or deepening your awareness on Human Design is something I wanted to bring to the podcast as soon as I possibly could, so I'm so excited to share this episode with you. Kehla is a wealth of knowledge on all things Human Design and it was such a joy to learn from her and have this conversation.

What we cover: 

  • Kehla's journey that led her to this work
  • Introduction to Human Design
  • Understanding the five Human Design types & their nuances, Not self themes and how they show up for each Human Design type
  • The connection between Human Design and business & so much more

This episode was inspired by a conversation that Kehla & Eden had together on Voxer about the experience of feeling isolated with having more freedom in life from creating a sustainable business. Together the ladies chat about privilege in the entrepreneurial space, what it was like shifting from a more corporate environment into the online space and how they leverage Human Design to support their partners in life - even if their partners don't have a deep understanding of the system!

Episode #45: How to leverage your open/undefined centers to create success w/ Kehla G 6/2 Pure Gen

This episode Krystle and Leah brought on a special guest, Kehla G. She’s a Spiritual Mindset Coach with a completely open throat, so you know this episode is jam packed full gems! Take a listen… grab your chart and let’s get into it! You’ll learn how to utilize your open/undefined centers to navigate this material plane and much more! 

Episode #103: Contemplating the Gene Keys with special Guest Kehla G

This is a giggle fest and deep dive into Gene Keys with spiritual mindset coach Kehla G. Join Krystle, Leah and Kehla as they go through the nuance of our designs and Gene Keys. We touch on the thread that runs through Human Design and Gene Keys, and how to incorporate this information into your business! Grab a beverage and let's dive in!


The Human Design + Astro Club podcast has had the pleasure of interviewing Kehla on our show. It was one of the most listened to episodes we have had with her knowledge and wisdom with Human Design and Gene Keys. We loved her so much we have had her on more than once! She knows exactly what to say in the moment and it’s usually a brilliant new perspective, or fresh take! Her drive and ambitious nature is usually what fuels the conversation and will leave you wanting more!

- Kystle, 1/3 Sacral Generator & Leah 2/4 Splenic Projector

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Kehla G who is 6/2 Sacral Generator and Spiritual Mindset Coach to talk about how to see through the illusion that making more money in your business is connected to your worth so you can rewrite the narrative of what success actually looks like. 

Kehla is on a mission to help fellow spiritual entrepreneurs in embodying their authentic energy using Human Design and Gene Keys allowing them to thrive in their life and businesses with ease and flow.

INSIGHTS: Kehla’s personal growth journey of being a Spiritual Mindset Coach, Using Human Design and Gene Keys in your own unique way, The biggest game changer in starting your business, Embrace where you are at in your journey of entrepreneurship, Mastering the art of letting go.

In this episode, I invited my friend and fellow coach, Kehla, to join me in discussing our experiences in the coaching industry, the pressures of having an online business, and our Human Design experiments. We also reveal all of the juicy details about how much money we've been making and what that's been like.

You'll Hear About:

The pressures of the coaching industry, Why I started this podcast, My thoughts on making less than I did last year, Experiences in the coaching industry from two different perspectives, How Kehla and I got into Human Design and our experiments thus far and how Human Design has changed our approaches to business


The episode I did with Kehla was dynamic, transparent and lighthearted. We opened up about the reality of embodying our Human Design in business and the taboo topic of money with dips in income. Since I'm a 2/4 Splenic Projector and Kehla is a 6/2 Sacral Generator, we were able to share concrete and contrasting examples of what it looks like to set energetic boundaries as different types in business so that we can both thrive and show up authentically. This interview with Kehla was very eye opening and I know brought a ton of value to my audience in terms of what it can look like behind the scene in business! I thoroughly enjoyed having Kehla on my channel. It was natural, collaborative and I highly recommend having her speak for your audience because of her ability to go deep and share unique perspectives in an easy digestible way.

- Lauren Cash, 2/4 Splenic Projector

In this week’s episode, Rachael is joined by spiritual mindset coach Kehla G, who specializes in Human Design and Gene Keys.

This is an amazing episode to dive into.

Human Design and Gene Keys can be such a powerful way of understanding yourself on a deeper level and can make a massive impact on how you show up.

In this episode Rachael & Kehla cover:

What Human Design is How you can use Human Design to navigate through your life and business How Human Design influences who you are as a person How you lead and how you are showing up in your business today Conversations around Entrepreneurship and what it means to lead deeply embodied in your unique brilliance


My names Rachael Meeds & I’m the host of The Embodied Leadership Podcast! Having Kehla come on as a guest to share her wealth of knowledge about Human Design & the Gene Keys was absolutely incredible. She is an incredible speaker, educator, & holds so much embodied wisdom. Her ability to effectively communicate & provide space for breakthroughs to happen through the interview was such a gift to my audience. I highly recommend having her on your show!

- Rachael Meeds, 1/3 Sacral Manifesting Generator

This episode is so different and super fun! Kehla G shares her wisdom on Human Design and the Gene Keys. She shares her theory on what "conditional confidence" is. Kehla does a mini Human Design reading during this episode--so great! Topics/Themes in this episode: What is the foundational principle of contemplation? Kehla does a mini reading and explains connection charts

What happens when we’re not in alignment and plugged in to someone else’s truth and take it as our own. Open centers in human design Getting started with the Gene Keys

Witnessing and not forcing things Kehla shares how we can run design charts for things such as our business, book, pets and podcasts.

Today we are talking to Kehla G, a Spiritual Mindset Coach. In this episode, she takes us through a Human Design Body Graph, sharing everything we need to know about the basics of Human Design. 

Leave behind societal expectations of the "should be doings", let go of the conditioning that has caused you to move away from your unique design and step into your power. In today's episode you will learn: 5 Types in HD, Signature Theme, Authorities, Strategies, Not-Self theme, Energy Centers, How to find what works best for you in HD, Strengthening your intuition with HD, Stay in your own lane and gain confidence in your decisions and the best way for you to make decisions

If you have been looking for clarity about how you were BEST meant to function in this world, Human Design may be the modality for you.

Incorporating Astrology, Quantum Mechanics, The Chakra System and more, this human analysis system will blow Meyers Briggs and any other assessment OUT OF THE WATER! Be prepared to know yourself like never before with my good friend, fellow Spiritual Mindset Coach and Human Design Specialist, my girl Kehla G


My podcast was created when I was at the peak of my masculine driven reign so with that said, a lot of the early episodes wreaked of  "go hard or go home". It was nothing short of divine intervention that our paths crossed when they did. I was able to be connected with this radiant wise soul. Her episode on my podcast was such a turning point for the show and myself. It wasn't just some woowoo talk about manifestation but she really brought a layer of depth to the show that no other guest has. Despite the rise in popularity HD is still very much an obscure topic - at least in my neck of the woods. To date it is the 4th most played episode on my show!

- Bonnie Patterson, 1/3 Emotional Projector

In this interview with Juliette Stapleton, Kehla dive into connection charts with Human Design and how this can not only be a tool with business but also in relationships with clients. 

You can listen to the episode here

Or click the image to watch on YouTube


Kehla was such a treat for my show as a guest, with so much innate wisdom and real unique vision when it comes to Human Design and Gene Keys concepts, she created an unforgettable experience and truly one of the most engaging episode in the season.

- Juliette Stapleton, 1/3 Splenic Projector

This Summit hosted in November 2023 called The "Way We Work - A Human Design Summit" focused on leveraging Human Design principles to enhance career or business success in a way that aligns with individual satisfaction. Acknowledging the common desire for fulfillment in work, the summit addresses burnout as a major obstacle in starting or sustaining businesses. Human Design is presented as a tool to understand emotional processing, ideal work environments, decision-making processes, teamwork preferences, and personal challenges. The summit spans five days and features seven speakers representing all five Human Design Types, sharing insights on integrating Human Design into their professional lives. Hosted by Rachel Onojafe of Cosmic Queen, the speakers not only study and teach Human Design but also embody their unique designs in their work, breaking away from corporate norms to create businesses aligned with their natural energy and creativity.

Host: Rachel Onojafe

In this online 5 day Audio-Summit in September 2023, Kehla joined 15 other entrepreneurs in this transformative experience!

The focus of this summit was about unlocking your multi-passionate potential and cultivating a brand that's an authentic reflection of your brilliance.

Here's where the magic happens: We're diving deep into topics that matter to us as multi-passionate creatives. From embracing your authenticity and infusing energy into your brand, to crafting magnetic brand stories and designing a brand ecosystem that thrives – we're leaving no stone unturned.

This summit is your invitation to elevate your approach, rewrite your success story, and connect with a community of like-minded visionaries. It's about embracing your passions, stepping into the spotlight, and creating an impact that's uniquely yours.

Host: Swey Jitti

This virtual event in August 2023 was packed with over 30+ experts who are ready to share their wisdom and insights with you. They covered a wide range of topics, including strategies to make your business stand out, reach new audiences, and expand your empire effortlessly.

Participants learned how to overcome the challenges and fatigue of entrepreneurship while maintaining your health, wealth, and happiness.

As part of the pre-show of this Summit, Kehla engaged in a podcast episode with Felecia diving into The Gene Keys and Personal Mastery where they explored effective techniques to Unlock your Full Potential.

Host: Felecia Etienne

In this online 10 day Summit in March 2023, Kehla joined 28+ fellow heart-centered, multi-passionate creatives and entrepreneurs on a similar mission to support others in their energetic embodiment to chat about The Art of Contemplation and the power of embodying the Gene Keys in life and business.

The Abundance & Success Codes’ Summit is a vision brought to life through a collective of impactful global thought leaders and visionaries alike who are here to challenge the norms around the societal definitions of abundance and success together, to help you fully experience your potency.

Host: Swey Jitti

In this online Summit in October 2022, Kehla joined 12+ Human Design, Gene Keys and astrology experts and enthusiasts who have harnessed these systems in their lives and businesses to help others discover evolutionary business secrets & embody deep prosperity through Human Design & Gene Keys.

In this event, the topics discussed were: 

  • How to accelerate and anchor higher consciousness and align with your highest truth.
  • Heal deep personal and ancestral wounds, and begin enjoying the flow of life and business with more ease, joy and empowerment.
  • Rewire and reprogram your brain and nervous system so you can get paid what you're worth doing work you love.. 
  • Transcend social, cultural and religious programming, familial conditioning, labels and limitations affecting your ability to show up and be seen.

    Host: Miranda Bre

Kehla was invited to be a guest speaker in Kelly's program Hell Yes Guest. Together the ladies hosted a Q&A session for Kelly's students where Kehla dove into the five Human Design types and what they could specifically leverage in their chart in order to be consistent and successful in Kelly's program.

Hell Yes Guest is the only program taught by a top 1% podcast host that gets you booked on top 10% podcasts with interviews that explode your audience, establish your status as industry leader, and bring you clients for years to come.

Check out Hell Yes Guest here


Kehla isn't just another human design mentor. She has the unique ability to take her expertise and expand upon it to offer even more meaningful, applicable, and tangible guidance! I loved having her share her thoughts with my students in a way that felt super empowering given what's unique about their design. I love that Kehla focuses on strengths and opportunities rather than limitations and "pitfalls" that I find some other Human Design experts can get stuck in. She's my go-to for empowered Human Design!
- Kelly Mosser, 3/5 Splenic Projector

The Sacred Sisterhood is where you’ll meet other women on the same journey as you, navigating life as an ambitious spiritually connected female. You’ll be supported holistically as you follow your intuition to the life & business on your vision board, blazing your own unique and abundant path.

This is the place to find your people…

Rising with community will take you to new heights so much faster than trying to make it on your own. Connecting, communicating and committing to growth together is proven to keep you accountable and on a fast-track to manifesting all your desires.

Check out the Sacred Sisterhood here

As a guest speaker, Kehla hosted a personalized masterclass for Liz's members that dove into the Gene Keys and business so that these sacred women could apply their own innate wisdom to authentically showing up in business.


I knew the ladies in Sacred Sisters would be interested in learning about Gene Keys and particularly how they could apply them in business. 
After hearing Kehla be interviewed as a guest on a podcast, I knew she was the perfect fit! 
Her guest masterclass was value-packed and she has a wealth of knowledge on the topic. I had amazing feedback both during and after the session. Her training was a huge success.
- Liz Roberta

The Boss Life Blueprint is a 10 week group coaching experience that's design to up level your mindset, lifestyle and unleash your manifestation powers. 

In this program the participants learned how to:

  • Effectively take action with self care
  • Stop self-sabotaging
  • Heal their inner wound
  • Become an energetic match for what you most want in life

Kehla contributed a complementing module to BLB on Human Design and how this can be embodied into how you show up in life and business. She hosted a 1.5hr private live video session with a Q&A and gave additional support to the participants through a workbook to complement the topics covered in this Human Design Module.

You can find Bonnie on Instagram as Coach Bons!


When I was creating my course I knew I wanted to have an element of deeper spiritual insights besides the stuff everyone knows about. 
Despite the rise in popularity HD is still very much an obscure topic - at least with my audience and having someone as knowledgeable as Kehla in my coaching container brought an INSANE amount of value for the clients, but also for me.
I've never collaborated with another coach/ course creator in this way and she made it super seamless and showed me how to ethically determine pricing for our collaboration, as well any future ones that I may be working on.
- Bonnie Patterson, 1/3 Emotional Projector

In this conversation, Kehla and myself delve into the transformative realm of human design – a system that maps out the unique blueprint of our individuality, revealing the intricate interplay between our internal dynamics and external experiences. Through the lens of human design, we gain a deeper understanding of the various aspects of self and the cosmic forces at play in our lives, guiding us towards greater self-awareness and empowerment.

Gene keys also help us navigate the labyrinth of our shadows, the buried treasures of our soul, transcending the limitations of our ego and embracing the full spectrum of our humanity. Through shadow integration, we reclaim lost fragments of our true self and embark on a journey of profound healing and self-realization.

Watch on YouTube
Host: Renee McKenna

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Drop a message below & she'll get back to you!

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