E #370: Bridging Worlds: Exploring the Intersection of Dreams, IChing, & Taoism with Kari Hohne

Dec 03, 2023

Today Kehla shares an incredible illuminating interview with Kari Hohne. She is a dream analyst, artist and expert on the eastern and western archetypes that inspire our dreams and oracles. Through her website Cafe au Soul, she bridges the gap between an appreciation for nature and the spiritual journey. Her online IChing is ranked #1 in internet searches. She is the author of 7 books that include dreams, ancient astrology, Tarot's archetypes, and translations of the Tao te Ching and IChing. Her music incorporates shamanic drumming with world chants to enhance yoga and meditation practice. 

Together the ladies dove into:

  • The power of dream interpretation
  • The IChing and Taoism & how this is deeply rooted in nature
  • Why the appreciation for nature can ground us in life
  • The significance of our relationship to 'change' in how we seek to organize our lives
  • How a psychedelic experiences relates very closely to how we dream and experience 'chaos'
  • How identifying with the infinite and the unfathomable creates joy and & wonder
  • How we're scientifically connected to nature & how we can learn form it
  • Why thinking we're in control is an illusion and causes separation of our connection to nature
  • Comparing and contrasting the IChing, Gene Keys & Human Design
  • How we're connected to a greater consciousness through our dreaming


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