E #367: reflections of a Reflector with 5/1 Reflector Annie Richardson

Nov 23, 2023

In this inspiring episode, Kehla engages in an authentic and enriching conversation with 5/1 Reflector Annie, the founder of Reflector Reflections Podcast and YouTube Channel. Annie leads The Heart Grove, her business dedicated to assisting women and families across various life stages. Her services encompass Birth and Postpartum Doula support, Meditation and Movement instruction, Holistic Counselling, Energy Healing, and guidance in Human Design and Gene Keys. In this conversation, the ladies chat about Annie's embodiment experience and the nuances of being a Reflector in life and business.

Together the ladies dive into:

  • What happened when Annie discovered she was a Reflector
  • The de-conditioning process of a Reflector
  • How Annie navigates having a completely open head and G center
  • The nuances of 'waiting 28 days' and the multitude of ways you can track energetic cycles instead
  • How Annie experiences surprise and why it's more of a 'spark-plug' experience
  • How Annie delves into Human Design and the Gene Keys & how they occur for her as self-discovery tools
  • What it's like running a business as a Reflector
  • Why it's so important to tap into yourself daily and trust yourself in your journey

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