E #365 - stepping into your full human potential with 1/3 Sacral Generator Matthew Finlin

Oct 29, 2023

Today's episode is an interview with Matthew Finlin! Matthew is the founder and CEO of two personal development businesses. One is focused on the mind; Human Potential Academy, and the other the body; 100 Days of Discipline. In today's episode Kehla and Matthew dive into his journey of being an entrepreneur, the balance between science and spirituality and how Human Design is a major game player in how he lives his life, runs his businesses and coaches his clients.

Together they dive into:

  • What it's like for Matthew to embody being a 1/3 Sacral Generator
  • How and why he created the 100 days of Discipline program & how this founded his 2nd company: Human Potential Academy
  • Why people succeed and live happier lives when they have a strong AQ
  • Why people are spiritually and financially challenged the most
  • How father relationships affect the financial health of their children
  • How Matthew uses Human Design with his clients
  • Why Human Design is a major asset to how he runs his company and works with his team
    ...and so much more!

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