E #364: the fullness of awakening and receiving in life with Ecstatic Mentor Alara Sage

Oct 22, 2023

This episode is incredibly special because it is Kehla's 100th guest interview on her channel! In today's conversation, Kehla hosted a fun and fluid interview with Ecstatic Mentor Alara Sage. In this conversation, the ladies dance playfully through Alara's journey in business, her grand awakening with her Kundalini and how the Gene Keys have completely transformed her life.

Together the ladies dive into:

  • Alara's spontaneous Kundalini awakening that shifted her entire life
  • How Alara went from intuitively communicating with animals and more specifically horses to humans
  • What Shakti energy is & how she works with this energy and her clients
  • The difference between creation and manifestation
  • How the Gene Keys have supported Alara in her entrepreneurial journey
  • The 36th Gene Key in the Attraction sphere
  • The 48th Gene Key in the Life's Work sphere
  • What it means to be patient and trust your journey with the 5th Gene Key


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