E #363: Q&A - entrepreneurial harmony, synthesizing multiple planets for business success, eliminating niche drama & more

Oct 15, 2023

Today's episode is a special Q&A episode that Kehla decided to host for her listeners! 

Here's what Kehla dove into:

  • How to connect the North Node, Purpose, Vocation and Pearl for clarity & direction in life around being a contribution
  • What does it mean when your Sun gates are 'dormant' in a center & how does this show up in energetic embodiment
  • The difference and similarities between the unconscious sun and conscious sun in the Gene Keys (Life's Work vs. Radiance spheres)
  • The importance of a Self-Projected Projector trusting their decision making process and how to eliminate 'niche drama' when it comes to helping others
  • Which aspects of the Human Design chart are considered entrepreneurial and why/how to have a harmonious experience with business partners

...and so much more!

Additional Resources:

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