E #359: embodying the Gene Key Archetypes with 5/1 Sacral Generator Gene Keys Business Coach Stephanie

Sep 17, 2023

Today's interview was so fun because Kehla discovered a like-minded soul on Instagram who also leverages the Gene Keys in Business! Stephanie is a 5/1 Sacral Generator that coaches intuitive-led women on expressing their gifts and genius in the services they provide, and how they show up on social media and sell. Together the ladies compared, contrasted and explored the many layers of the Gene Keys in this juicy conversation.

The topics they dove into were:

  • Stephanies transition from being a lavender farmer to Business Coach
  • How Stephanie leverages the 'archetypes' of the Gene Keys when coaching clients
  • The similar and different approaches the ladies take when coaching through the Gene Keys
  • Stephanie's Life's Work as 32.5 & alchemizing failure
  • Embodying the 4th line of charity in the Pearl with 33.4 
  • How Stephanie strengthened her voice through the Culture 62.4
  • How the giving and nurturing energy of Vocation 27.4 supports prosperity in her life
  • What it's like having the 15th Gene Key in the Attraction and SQ
    ..and so much more!

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