E #358: The entrepreneurial journey & Human Design revelations of 2/4 Sacral Generator Cynthia

Sep 10, 2023

In today’s conversation, Kehla invited Energy Alchemist and Human Design2/4 Sacral Generator Cynthia onto her channel for her to share her journey and dive into the depths of her Human Design chart and how it supports her well-being and how she works with clients.

Together the ladies dive into:

  • Cynthia’s entrepreneurial journey
  • How she discovered Human Design
  • The grace she gives herself rested to her 3-60 channel of Mutation
  • How the leverages the power of the 28-58 channel of Struggle
  • The power ways she’s embodied in her Open G center
  • What she defines as the Money gates  and how to leveraging undefined/open centers through this lens
  • The power of the Penta for teams & how she uses this with clients
  • How to reframe not having gates or channels defined in the Penta 

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