E #355: Unleashing Entrepreneurial Brilliance: a journey with the Gene Keys - Pearl & Pathway of Quantum

Aug 28, 2023

Welcome to the Unleashing Entrepreneurial Brilliance: a journey with the Gene Keys podcast series!

In this series, Kehla will take you on a journey of illumination by sharing her entrepreneurial journey with the Gene Keys in her business. Over the course of 14 episodes, you will learn all about the spheres, Gene Keys, lines, shadows, gifts, siddhis and pathways of how this wisdom shows up in Kehla's business and how it supports her with confidence, business offers, stability in business, sustainability in growth and and deep connection in relationships.

In this episode, Kehla delves into the essence of her Pearl (15.4) and the Pathway of Quantum! She explores how the shadow elements can hinder the flow of prosperity and offers insights on how to navigate these obstacles, allowing you to align with your innate purpose in serving through your business, values, and mission.

Kehla also candidly recounts her reflections on concepts such as dullness, magnetism, and fluorescence, viewing them through the lens of business. She reveals how these ideas are intimately intertwined with her Brand/Life's Work and Purpose, demonstrating the profound connection she shares with this unique gift.

Furthermore, Kehla demystifies the often overly glamorized notion of quantum leaps and provides practical guidance on harnessing this sphere and pathway to create a meaningful global impact within the context of your business's new paradigm of prosperity. If you feel like prosperity is a complicated experience in your business, then this episode is for you!

If you're committed to deeper energetic integration in your business, check out Kehla's program: The Illuminated Entrepreneur.




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