E #340: The 4 Great Goddesses with 2/4 Sacral Generator Human Design Specialist & Gene Keys Guide Maureen Webb

Jul 31, 2023

In this episode, Kehla invites 2/4 Sacral Generator Human Design Specialist & Gene Keys Guide Maureen Webb to share her journey of creating and sharing with the world her special offer that synthesizes: Human Design, Gene Keys, Astrology and mythology to create a potent and powerful reading called The Four Great Goddesses.

In this recording, the ladies dive into:

  • How Maureen created through her Activation sequence: The 4 Great Goddesses
  • What happens when you synthesize: Human Design, Gene Keys, Astrology & and Goddesses
  • Why connecting with the Goddesses is such a powerful tool to leverage
  • The 4 Goddesses: Juno, Ceres, Palas and Vesta
  • How Power view, feeling cognition and the shadow, gift & siddhi from a Gene Key can support with working through challenges
  • The shadows, gifts and siddhis of the Gene Keys: 14, 12, 3 & 36
  • What it's like for Kehla to hav 10/16 mutative gates in the 4th Quarter of the Incarnation Crosses & how this influences innovation
  • The influence of having an undefined root and head center in processing pressure and taking action
  • Channel 12-22 (Openness)
  • Channel 3-60 (Mutation)
  • Channel 35-36 (Transience)

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