E #332: The Business of Being You Podcast Series - with 1/3 Emotional Projector Bonnie

Jun 26, 2023

Siobhan Patterson is a renowned Life coach specializing in holistic transformation and feminine personal development. As a prolific content creator and exceptional communicator, she guides individuals into divine soul alignment with their true purpose. She is the founder of the #1 platform for feminine personal development - Mind Embody and the host of the "Boss Life with Bons" podcast. Her intuitive wisdom helps people break free from limitations and unlock their true potential. Her work is a sanctuary for all things personal growth: boasting an abundance of resources and programs for transformative change. In this coaching session, the ladies dove into how her being a quad split Projector can be supported by prioritizing her variables and contemplating her 4 channels.

Together Bonnie and Kehla dove into:

  • The 4 transformations with the variables of her Human Design
  • Why the variables support one’s design more than just following the strategy/authority of one’s type
  • The Channel of Awareness (24-61)
  • The Channel of The Prodigal (13-33)
  • The Channel of Transmission/Surrender/Entrepreneurship (26-44)
  • The Channel of Synthesis (19-49)
  • What it looks like to set boundaries when supporting your channel conversations
  • Why and how ‘recognition’ is always available for Projectors
    ...and so much more!



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