E #331: The Business of Being You Podcast Series - with 2/4 Sacral Generator Business Mentor Nicole

Jun 21, 2023

Today's episode is an incredible conversation between Kehla and Nicole, a 2/4 Sacral Generator Business Mentor. The ladies have a heart-filled and tangible conversation on how you can leverage Human Design to coach your clients so that they discover their version of impact based on their own energetic imprinting. This conversation was enlightening because it really addressed the influence of sacral beings on non-sacral beings and how sustainable action in business will look different for each of us.

Together the ladies dove into:

  • The typically conditioning that defined centers have on non defined centers
  • What to watch our for as a sacral being coaching a non-sacral being
  • The influence and difference between companionship, electromagnetic, dominance and compromise channels in relationships
  • How to help your clients set boundaries and recognize themselves as a business owner to prevent comparison
  • The gift of the channel 44-26 & how Nicole leverages this in business
  • The power of the defined heart center & how this influences the undefined heart center in business
  • How the Pearl sequence is our map to prosperity and collaboration
  • The impact of the 10th Gene Key on Nicoles business found in the EQ of her Venus sequence
  • What it actually looks like to be embodied as a 2/4 profile
  • How to coach your clients based on their profile
    ...and so much more!



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