E #322: giving up everything to go after what you want with 5/1 Emotional Projector Claire Campagna

May 07, 2023

Today's interview is with Purpose & Identity Coach, 200-RYT, and Human Design enthusiast Claire Campagna! Kehla deep dives into Claire's experience of discovering Human Design while she was thriving in a multi-six figure Corporate role for 7 years & how this was the ultimate permission slip to quit her job & pursue what truly lights her soul up.

In today's conversation the ladies dive into:

  • Claire's experience being a recognized Projector in her Corporate role kept her stuck & why recognition can sometimes be a 'bad' thing
  • Why Human Design became the permission slip for Claire to leave her job after 7 years, multiple promotions & raises to start her own business
  • What it's like having a completely open G center & ways to plug into the correct outlets to thrive in life
  • Claire's in alignment vs. out of alignment experience of having the Channel of Surrender (44-26)
  • What its actually like processing an emotional authority with the 19-49 channel half conscious vs. unconscious in definition
  • What it actually takes to go all in & why holding onto a safety net can actually cause more harm than good
  • Why Millennial are going to change the paradigm of Corporate roles & why they're pursuing being self-employed instead

...and so much more!


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