E #321: digital nomading & living aligned by design with 6/2 Self-Projected Projector Stephanie Smolders

Apr 30, 2023
Today's episode is a rich and wisdom filled interview with 6/2 Self-Projected Projector Stephanie Smolders. She is Belgian online entrepreneur who started her first business at age 19 and now travels the world as a Human Design Business Mentor. Kehla invited her on to share her journey of how she went from being an Elementary school teacher to a digit nomad working with entrepreneurs globally.
Together the ladies dive into:
  • Stephanie's non-traditional approach to post-secondary education
  • How Stephanies started & retried multiple businesses
  • Her experience of traveling abroad, what she loved & what felt like culture shock
  • How she discovered Human Design & started her deconditioning process
  • What it's like being a Self-Projected Projector (SPP)
  • Decision making as a SPP
  • The journey of deconditioning 7 undefined/open centers

...and so much more!



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