E #319: what Bali has taught me

Apr 02, 2023

This episode is heart-filled my friends. In this conversation, Kehla goes into the depths of her soul and shares why she came to Bali and the adventures that have come along with this thus far:

In this recording, Kehla dives into:

  • How her spirit baby told her to be in Bali for her 33rd birthday
  • Her commitment to living and working Bali, not just vacationing
  • Her experience of doing a Water Blessing Ceremony in Bali
  • Her experience of doing a Kambo (frog poison) Ceremony in Bali
  • How she's getting what she wanted from being in Bali, not just what she needed
  • Experiencing Nyepi, the day of silence and new years celebrations in Bali
  • Why she doesn't like the question 'how's your trip?' & how you can evoke better conversations with people & their life experiences instead
  • What's the most surprising with the culture of Bali
  • How she's found balance with her feminine & masculine energies to truly give even less f*cks about what other people or society says or thinks in life


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