E #301: deep in biz in the sh*t people don’t talk about with Phoebe Kuhn

Jan 08, 2023

Today's convo is a juicy one! Kehla invited 3/6 Emotional Projector Phoebe Kuhn onto her podcast channel to chat about business & her journey of being an entrepreneur.

Together the ladies dive into:

  • How when Phoebe really gave up that everything fell into place
  • What it means to take responsibility & how being irresponsible or avoiding responsibility blocks prosperity in life & biz
  • How to keep human connections while scaling a biz & not have people feel like transactions
  • The irony of how 'not being committed' is actually a commitment & how to reframe this as a tool for leadership
  • The actual profits, refunds & BTS that biz owners don't share
  • Why money is a poor & non-sustainable motivation in business
  • How your values can support you as energy no matter what Human Design type you are
  • What it actually looks like to fully embody being a 3/6 and how Phoebe transformed inner child wounding that now supports her, her team & the growth of her business
    ...and so much more!


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