E #292: Q&A - Core wound, undefined centers, marketing & Brand/Life’s Work

Nov 27, 2022

In this episode, Kehla decided to do a Q&A where she answered questions from her audience about their Human Design & Gene Keys in business! Kehla gave some great examples of how to blend Human Design and Gene Keys to give you the most clarity on how to show up authentically.

Today she dove into:

  • How to leverage your Core Wound & Culture sphere with how to market yourself, especially with undefined/open head, ajna & throat centers
  • What it means to have undefined/open centers and how this can actually serve or hinder you in business
  • Embodying 63.6 as a Life's Work/Brand in business & how to share about the shadow/gift/siddhi of doubt/inquiry/truth

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E #234: how conditional confidence shows up through the shadows of your undefined centers

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