E #289: leveraging the challenges of life with 5/1 Splenic Projector Kehly

Nov 17, 2022

Today's episode is an interview with 5/1 Splenic Projector Kehly! Kehla and Kehly connected through Instagram and share many similarities in their life such as: having similar names, being Canadian, competing as (varsity) athletes in their childhood and university years, experiencing childhood abuse, running personal training businesses, being hearing impaired, studying Kinesiology in university and also tapping into the realm of emotional, physical & energetic coaching with people! In this conversation, Kehly takes us on a journey of how and why she got to where she is today, what the impact was on her life of discovering Human Design and the power of leveraging the challenges of life to be the gifts that we share with others.

Trigger warning: abuse, addiction, overdose & crime


Connect with Kehly:
Instagram: @kehly_e3alignment
Email: [email protected]

Mentioned Podcast episode:
E #202: life as a self-projected Projector living in alignment with Spiritual Life Coach Julie

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