E #281: tapping into your embodied self, intuitive gifts & psychic abilities through Human Design with Rachael Meeds

Oct 09, 2022

Today's conversation is powerful AF. Kehla brought on Rachael, a 1/3 Sacral Manifesting Generator, multi 6 Fig Coach & Facilitator for leaders to chat about psychic gifts in business through a Human Design lens & playing with the variables in the bodygraph chart.

Together the gals dive into:

  • How Rachael first realized her psychic gifts
  • The different ways to experience your intuition & psychic gifts
  • How to internally regulate yourself to tap into your intuition & psychic gifts
  • How to use your cognition & environment in Human Design can support your spiritual gifts
  • Leveraging the line of your Purpose sphere in the Gene Keys to unlock your gifts to share with others
  • Busting the beliefs around feeling betrayed by your intuitive guidance
  • How your Core Wound contributes to being an embodied leader
  • The wounding of 1/3's & how Rachael is great example of someone who's embodied & tapped in as a 1/3 Mani-Gen

...and so much more!


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