E #280: the nuances of Human Design & Quantum embodiment with Karen Curry Parker

Oct 02, 2022

Today's conversation is incredibly near and dear to Kehla's heart as she was given the privilege to interview Karen Curry Parker on her channel. She is a best-selling author, creator of the Quantum Human Design™ and the Quantum Alignment System™ and has been speaking, coaching and training on these topics for 30 years!

In this beautiful conversation together the ladies dive into:

  • How Karen discovered Human Design
  • How she worked at the Human Design America
  • Why she left the Human Design America in 2005
  • The nuances of 'type' embodiment
  • The evolution of Ra's work from source material & why it's changing
  • What it actually means to respond as a sacral being
  • Recognition being a major wound for Projectors
  • The power of clarity in the minds eye to tap into our divine downloads
  • Why Karen created a new Quantum language for Human Design
    ...and so much more!


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