E #272: the waves of a defined emotional center vs. experiencing trauma with Taylor Klotz

Aug 21, 2022

Today's episode is a podcast interview with Guide, Truth Speaker and 6/2 Emotional Projector Taylor Klotz.

Kehla invited Taylor on her channel after they connected in the DMs about traumatic tendencies witnessed and personally experienced in the coaching industry from a Human Design lens.

Together the ladies dive into:

  • How Taylor discovered Human Design & started her business
  • A traumatic experience she had with a coach in 2020 that had her take a break from building her business
  • What it's like being emotionally defined (Taylor) and undefined (Kehla)
  • What's the difference between the emotional wave and actually experiencing trauma
  • What's actually needed from Coaches in the industry to support their clients with integrity and sustainability
  • Normalizing all entrepreneurial journeys and why Taylor is stepping back to take a break from her business
  • How using nervous regulation tools can teeter as spiritual bypassing
    ...and so much more!


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