E #262: living life & business by her own rules with 2/4 Manifestor Katie Irvine

Jun 15, 2022

Today's episode is an interview with 2/4 Emotional Manifesto Katie Irvine, who is also the founder of HD School! Kehla and Katie met in Toronto a few years ago and then reconnected in the online space through Human Design. Kehla invited her on to share her story of how she got into Human Design & how she runs her business in alignment with her energy of being a Manifestor.

Together the ladies dove into:

  • How Katie spent 8 years trying to grow a business
  • Why it's not necessary to show up consistently online to have a successful business
  • The power of processing your emotions & being aware of emotional shaming as an emotional authority
  • How Katie created HD School and scaled over the last few years
  • The power of following the urges as a Manifestor
  • The importance of setting energetic boundaries in life & business & how to do that
    ...and so much more!


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