E# 253: fluidity with Human Design, identity & intuition with Mystic, Artist & 6/2 Splenic Manifestor Vanessa

Apr 25, 2022

Today's episode was a beautiful conversation with Mystic, Artist & 6/2 Splenic Manifestor Vanessa about what it means to embody one's identity & tap into one's intuition with fluidity.

In this episode Kehla & Vanessa dive into some incredible heart filled & juicy topics around:

  • How Vanessa discovered Human Design
  • How & why Vanessa brings Human Design & the Akashic Records together for their readings
  • What it's like connecting with their splenic authority & strengthening their intuitive gifts
  • How identifying as non-binary has a beautiful fluidity with having an undefined G center
  • The de-conditioning experience of the root and sacral center as a non-sacral being
  • How Kehla & Vanessa connect to the angelic, source & intuitive beings & what their experiences are like
  • What it's like being a 6/2 as a Manifestor with a defined throat vs. a sacral Generator with an open throat
  • The importance of eliminating spiritual bypassing when it comes to connecting with your intuition
    ...and so much more!


Mentioned Episode:
E #234: how conditional confidence shows up through the shadows of our undefined cetners

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