E #250: the softening of being a 2/4 Manifestor with Creative Visionary Rubeena

Apr 10, 2022

This interview today is with Creative Visionary, 2/4 Splenic Manifestor & Founder of The Grey Muse and The Aura Market Rubeena Ianigro. She came onto the channel to share her journey of discovery Human Design before she started her businesses and also her experience deeply embodying being a Manifestor & the softening that she's experienced with this.

Together the ladies dive into:

  • What it was like when she first discovered being a Manifestor
  • What Rubeena specifically did to embody her design & listen to her authority
  • How she de-conditioned her undefined Root center
  • How she supports her Reflector daughter with embodying her design
  • How de-conditioning the sacral center helped with hormonal & PCOS challenges
  • What it actually means to connect with your intuition
  • What it means to be connected to source & receive Manifestor urges & initiate them as a co-creative process
  • The biggest conditioning factors as a Manifestor to work through
  • The stigma around anger as a not self theme & why it's actually a catalyst of creation for Rubeena
    ...and so much more!


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