E #249: how to read a connection chart ft. Kehla’s podcast channel chart

Apr 06, 2022

In today's episode Kehla dive into reading her podcast channel's chart and how her connection with it has allowed her to create and thrive an incredible channel the last three years of her business.

The living in fierce alignment podcast channel is a 5/1 sacral Generator with only the G-center/sacral/root/spleen defined, while Kehla is a 6/2 sacral Generator with just the G-center & sacral defined.

Tune in to learn how Kehla has leveraged the energy of her podcast channel to now have interviewed 60+ people & self-published/edited 246+ episodes all herself.

In this episode Kehla dives into:

  • The big 5 when reading charts: conscious sun/earth, unconscious sun/earth & conscious mercury (Gates 63.5/64.5, 26.1/45.1 & 25.2)
  • How Kehla sets boundaries with the defined root of her podcast channel
  • The power of together having an undefined: heads, ajnas, hearts, throats and ESPs
  • The North Nodes & Jupiter of 61.2/61.6
  • The different types of channels to look for: compromise, dominance, companion & electromagnetic & what flavours they bring to energetic connections & expressions
    ..and so much more!

Check out this episode on YouTube to catch the screen-recording if you're a visual learner


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