E #248: the toxicity of ’having it be easy’

Apr 03, 2022

Today's episode is a solo-flying episode where Kehla dives into some toxic narratives in the online space of 'having things be easy' & how we can leverage our human design/gene keys to create our own foundation to be resilient when it comes to showing up in life & growing our business.

In today's recording Kehla dives into:

  • Gates 36/6/10/15 (as her Activation sequence) & how this shows up in her self-expression & way of living
  • Gate 34 in her 'Core Wound'/Vocation & how this was a pivotal piece to her growth in business
  • How to create a sustainable foundation with an undefined/open heart center when it comes to pricing/money/deciding value of yourself or your offers
  • The toxic patterns that she noticed in the last three years of growing her business & how her shadows became her 'points of resilience' with human design & gene keys embodiment
    ..and so much more


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