E #247: coming from the Corporate world into Human Design with Patrick Danquah

Mar 27, 2022

Today's podcast episode was an interview with Patrick Danquah, a 4/6 emotional MG, who gracious shares his experience about what it was like discovering Human Design, leaving the corporate world and fully diving into this experiment.

In this conversation these two dive into:

  • What was it like for Patrick to be a Black man from a religious family that discovered Human Design
  • The relief Patrick felt once he discovered that he was designed to be multi-passionate and pivotal as a Manifesting Generator
  • How he brings Human Design into the Corporate world to be well-received from a spiritual an intuitive lens
  • Patrick's experience of also having the 36/6 conscious sun/earth with a defined ESP in contrast to Kehla's undefined ESP
  • Having 21.2 as his conscious Mercury and 21.3 in his unconscious south node & how this shows up in his business
  • What it means to respond to your environment as a sacral being versus responding to your ideas & how detrimental this is in life & business
    ...and so much more!


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