E #244: integrity, Human Design & uncovering unconscious secrets with Life Coach Jess Garay

Mar 16, 2022

In today's episode, Kehla interviewed Life Coach Jess Garay (3/6 Sacral Manifesting-Generator) on her channel!

Together the ladies dove into:

  • How Jess left nursing & jumped into coaching
  • How the ladies have experienced a lack of integrity in the coaching industry
  • How Jess's undefined ESP & gate 49 impacted her in nursing career
  • The reality of experiencing her 28-38 channel of adventure (aka: channel of struggle)
  • What it's like experiencing the conditioning of an undefined head center
  • What it's like experiencing the conditioning of a defined root center
  • The experience of having gate 28.1 in her Pluto, 10.2, 49.2 in her unconscious earth in her Neptune & 38.2 in her Jupiter
  • Channel 23-43 & the wisdom this brings to her life
  • How Human Design can change how we raise our kids
  • How & why you are so much more than just your 'type'
    ...and so much more!


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