E#243: getting visible as a non-energy 1/3 Projector with Visibility Strategist Juliette Stapleton

Mar 12, 2022

Today's episode is an interview with Juliette Stapleton, a 1/3 Splenic Projector and Visibility Strategist! Together the ladies dive into comparing & contrasting the difference of following one's strategy of 'waiting' as a Projector vs. Generator & how aligning with their own energetic imprint has really allowed them to thrive in their own unique way in life in business.

More specifically, the ladies talk about:

  • Juliette's experience of being a 1/3 & how her business has evolved over many decades through many chapters
  • What it's like in her household living as three different authority Projectors
  • The different ways that Juliette evolved her business to specialize in visibility for entrepreneurs
  • The power of her 48-16 channel
  • What it's like having a completely open ESP & and heart center
  • The power of being a Projector, setting boundaries & honouring your energetic rhythms

...and so much more!


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