E #241: Contrasting The Gene Key’s Activation Sequence with the 36/6 Keys with Human Design Guide Renee Manning

Mar 02, 2022

Today’s episode is an interview with Human Design Guide Renee Manning! Kehla & Renee chatted fluidly about their experience of being committed to the Human Design experiment of embodiment. Together with the ladies mainly contrast Kehla’s experience of having her conscious sun/earth - Life’s work/Evolution as 36/6 while Renee’s unconscious sun/earth - Radiance/Purpose is 36/6.

The ladies also dive into:

  • How Renee discovered Human Design how it changed her life
  • How people are trying to ‘understand’ Human Design with their Head/Ajna rather than their authority, which is in the body
  • The contrast of how the Human Design system is actually a very yin system, though we approach it from a masculine lens
  • How to access the gifts in the shadows of our chart from a Gene Keys & Human Design lens
  • What it’s like for Renee to experience her 36/6 unconsciously & how this showed up as victimhood in relationships
  • The different circuitries in Human Design & how this energy moves through our body in different levels
  • Contemplating the 59th Gene Key of Intimacy as Renee’s Pearl in Gene Keys & how it relates to her business
  • The power of radical self-acceptance, shadow work & ownership when embodying you Human Design & Gene Keys

    ...and so much more!


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