E #240: how Human Design & Gene Keys showed up in my past

Mar 01, 2022

In this episode, Kehla shares a very vulnerable story about the mental and emotional abuse she experienced in her childhood & how she leveraged her understanding & embodiment of Human Design & Gene Keys to alchemize these shadows into gifts. This energy is now transformed to empower her as a Coach for others - cue in the answer to the question: Why I do what I do.

What she dives into:

  • The power of her conscious sun/earth shadows
  • The significance of her North Node in her life
  • How her conscious Mercury gives her a potency in her voice
  • How her SQ + EQ with planets conscious Mars & unconscious Venus explain the theme of her up bringing
  • What it looks like to alchemize your shadows & turn them into the gifts that you bring to the collective


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