E #239: how to market yourself in business leveraging your Human Design & Gene Keys

Feb 23, 2022

Today's episode was straight channelled from the divine thanks to a question someone asked Kehla on Instagram: What parts of your chart tell you how to market yourself in alignment with your HD?

In this episode, Kehla dives into many aspects that you can leverage from your Human Design, the planets, Gene Keys for writing to market yourself in your business.

What's covered:

  • The trick to embodying the foundational aspects of your HD to be your internal compass for integrity with marketing
  • How to leverage the throat center, whether it's defined, undefined or open, & the gates to write copy & share your messaging
  • Utilizing defined versus undefined centers in your HD chart for creating your energetic voice
  • The significance of the planets: Sun, Earth, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, South & North node in sharing your story
  • How to contemplate your Activation Sequence in the Gene Keys, so that you can emanate your Purpose in life with your audience
  • 6 different ways to write content (credit to Phoebe Kuhn for her Projector wisdom on this)


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