E #238: the Activation Sequence & gene key embodiment with Gene Keys Guide Lucie Lynch

Feb 20, 2022

In today's episode, Kehla brought on her dear friend & Mentor Lucie Lynch (1/3 Sacral Mani-Gen) who is a Singer, Song Writer, Vocal Alchemist & Gene Key Guide to chat about the Gene Keys & the embodiment of this energetic work.

In the conversation the ladies dive deep into an eloquently breathtaking & story-like conversation about:

  • Comparing & contrasting the difference & similarities between Human Design & Gene Keys with masculine & feminine energy
  • The metaphor of life & growth through the cycle of a caterpillar & the significance of this for our consciousness
  • What is the Art of Contemplation with the Gene Keys
  • How the Art of Contemplation can literally transform anything in your life
  • What it’s like for Lucie having the 7th Gene Key in her Life’s work, the 13th Gene Key in her Evolution, the 1st Gene Key as her Radiance & the 2nd Gene Key as her Purpose
  • How Lucie embodies all levels of frequency of her Gene Keys & integrates the Shadows, Gifts & Siddhi's within her Activation Sequence collectively
  • Snippets on how Lucie embodies her 1/3 profile
  • Gifts of Gaia & the sacred community for contemplating the Gene Keys


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