E #236: Part I - how to fully embody your type, gates & centers with Human Design in business with Maria Henning

Feb 13, 2022

In today's episode, Kehla invited Human Design & Gene Keys Expert Maria Henning (2/5 Emo Manifesting-
Generator) onto her channel to dive into some insightful chats about embodying human design fully in business through the shadows in her chart, her gates and channels.

Together the ladies dive into:

  • Manifestation styles through human design & how Maria leverages HD with neuroscience & spirituality in her practices
  • How Maria embodies her conscious sun (54)/earth(53) energy in her business through a gene keys perspective of Life’s work and Evolution & Brand 
  • How her Mercury gate (also 54) shows up in how she markets & communicates to her audience 
  • Kehla also shares her integration of her conscious sun(36)/earth(6) and also her Mercury of 36 as well in business
  • Maria's undefined G center & ego center & how she's mastered this fluidity of energy
  • How Maria leverages her authority & strategy & ego center for launching in business
  • Maria's unique perspective on undefined/open centers having their own signature & how to play with this energy


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