E #233: the Human Design variables, Kabbalah tree, open throats & more with Intuitive Human Design Guide Krystle Kavalsky

Jan 27, 2022

Today's episode was an interview with one of Kehla's friend and also Intuitive Human Design guide Krystle! She invited her onto the channel to deep dive into a handful of incredible wisdom about Human Design.

The ladies chat about:

  • The Kabbalah tree & it’s role with Human Design
  • The shadows & power of having an open throat
  • The importance of environment when it coms to manifesting with your Human Design
  • The power of collaborating with other types in Human Design & why none is better than the other
  • How to manifest with an open throat & the power of leveraging your environment
  • Understanding the variables off cognition
  • How cognition ties into how we eat & digest from a Human Design lens
  • What it's like having a feeling and smell cognition
  • What the left & right arrows means in your chart for your environment
  • What the views mean on your chart
  • What happens when you embody your motivation
  • The contrast of Krystal being a 1/3 and Kehla being a 6/2 profile


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