E #215: Masterclass 3/3 - the power of embodying Human Design to strengthen your intuition

Oct 15, 2021

In this masterclass, Kehla dives into the power of using Human Design to strengthen your intuition - more specifically, how your (inner) authority is the key to deprogramming your old conditioning that has you living a life from the world of 'should do this/be that/have this, etc'.

In this recording Kehla dives into the specifics of what your intuition is, why some find it difficult to connect with it & specifically how you can quiet the chatter to hear & connect with your higher self.

Kehla dives into the examples of all 7 authorities in Human Design & how you can use them to make aligned decisions & take aligned action in your life. She also ropes in the power of awareness and how being more connected to your intuition, through using your inner authority, will allow you be more aware & connected with the energy of your conscious sun & conscious earth in your energetic blueprint!

Reflection work:

- Look up the aura of your type & check in - do you feel intuitively connected with it? What aspects do you do/don't; what can you shift so you do?
- Have I been in integrity with using my authority? Am I using my authority that feels aligned for me? Or am I just following the textbook definition
- Where in your life have you noticed a connection with your intuition? How were you able to connect with it & what came from that connection?
- From your conscious sun/earth energy - How are you using your intuition to move through these energies? How am I using my authority to move through this as well?
- How can I use my intuition to move through the shadows to unlock the gift & siddhi's of my conscious sun/earth?


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