E #214: Masterclass 2/3 - the power of embodying Human Design for transforming & deepening relationships

Oct 14, 2021

In this masterclass episode, Kehla shares the power in why understanding human design for yourself & others in your life will allow you to have more deeply connected and integral relationships.

In this recording, Kehla shares more of her story about her childhood & how understanding human design (& her conscious sun/earth energy) now has allowed her to have more peace & compassion for the behaviour & actions of others in the past. She expresses how seeing others from a human design lens really allowed her to get closure on challenging chapters of major events in critical relationships that she experienced.

She also shares about how herself (a 6/2 Sacral Gen) and her partner (a 6/3 Splenic Projector) are better able to support each other in their every day lives, career, communication & goals because they understand each others designs & know how give space for each other to live in alignment. 

Tune in if you want some guidance on how you embodying your human design can literally transform how you experience your past & how you show up to design your future in relationships.

Reflection work:

  • Where are you in alignment with your HD? How are you showing up that’s allowing you to experience your sign?
  • How are you ale to communicate what you need or support honour your design?
  • Does your partner know about human design? How can you support them and then in turn be able to support each other?
  • Looking at challenging relationships in your life, looking at your life through a human design lens, what can you come to peace with? What can you allow and accept or let go of?
  • Look up your conscious sun/earth - can you see the patterns in relationships with this energy? What are you realizing?


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