E #213: Masterclass 1/3: the power of embodying your conscious sun & earth in Human Design

Oct 14, 2021

In this masterclass episode Kehla shares her journey of uncovering, embracing & embodying her conscious sun & earth in life through a Human Design & Gene Keys lens.

Having her conscious sun be Gate 36 (The Gate of Crisis) and her conscious earth be Gate 6 (The Gate of Friction) - Kehla shares her story of what it was like growing up in a turbulent childhood with separated parents, mental/emotional/spiritual abuse, major emotional conflict & how her conscious sun/earth allowed her to contemplate, accept & embrace the energy & experience from this chapter of her life.

In this masterclass, Kehla shares how knowing & being able to embody the full spectrum of energy (shadow, gift & siddhi) of these gates/Gene Keys allows her to show up powerful AF in her life, live in her life in alignment & come to peace with the challenges that she faced & continues to face along her journey.

Prompts from the Masterclass:
Look up your conscious sun/earth & then ask yourself

  • Where have I seen these patterns?
  • Where am I noticing these journeys?
  • Where do things make sense now that I understand my conscious/sun earth?
  • Where are am I still in the shadows & how/what can I accept to move up into my gift/siddhi?


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