E #209: confessions of my business journey: 979 days later & I‘m all in

Sep 26, 2021

This episode is one hell of a story - it's recommended you listen to E #1: the story that got me here + then tune into this next to truly get the contrast of how Kehla's life/biz has shifted since her journey began.

Kehla deep dives into the last 2.5+ years of her life/biz since she started in January 2019. She shares about how she moved across the country with her boyfriend, manifested a two bedroom apartment, a car, the money breakthroughs she had, the relationship challenges she's overcome, the certifications she's done, the coaches she worked with, the money she spent, the debt she accumulated, paid off, & then accumulated again. She opens up about all the 'failed' launches, moments of shame, guilt & snot crying on bathroom floor & truly, just all the lesson that she's learned along the way in between all of this!

Kehla also gets into the inner work & personal transformation she's gone through & what it's *actually* like to quit a full time job & go all in with her business, with literally only 1 client & a wide open space to create & do whatever she wants with herself, business & time. The biggest intention with this episode is simply to be real, honest & raw about her journey & share what she's actually committed to creating in her life - even if it doesn't look linear, make any sense logically, feels messy & is full of uncertainty.


Mentioned Episodes & Resources:

- E #100: mindset, manifestation + the 7 essential laws - with New York Times Best Selling Author Christy Whitman
- E #208: unlocking & embodying the Gene Keys with Human Design & Gene Keys Business Coach Randi Lee

The Akashic Records
The Desire Factor

Certification Programs: if you're interested for yourself
- NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, etc. (this was not the company I did it with, but this is now who I recommend to get certified)
- Quantum Success Coaching Academy - Law of Attraction Coach
- Sacred Success Coaching Certification - 9 month 3 level Human Design Certification program
- Reiki Level I + II - Can be completed virtually with Zenden Meditation

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