This Portal of Wisdom is a space for you to snag any and all the free resources created by Kehla related to all the juicy things of: Human Design, Spirituality, Gene Keys, Meditation, Business, Energetic Embodiment & more

What’s included:

➢ Embodying your strategy as your profile lines

➢ Embodiment practices for each type

➢ How to read connection charts in HD

➢ The hinders of the body graph & how to embody this in business

➢ The toxicity of having it be ‘easy’

➢ The power of your ‘lack’ definition with undefined centers, gates & channels

➢ The Activation Sequence in the Gene Keys

➢ How to market yourself in biz with HD & GKs

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What’s included:

➢ Human Design in Business by ‘types’

 ➢ Aligning with your authority & syncing with your strategy Masterclass

➢ Watching out for conditioning in your centers in business

➢ The evolution of Human Design in Business podcast with Eden Carpenter

➢ How to Market yourself with Human Design

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What’s included:

➢ 25+ Podcast episodes (18+ are interviews with HD & GK Experts)

➢ 3x Masterclasses

➢ 5x Meditations

➢ 7 day Human Design challenge

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What’s included:

➢  This challenge is completely FREE & packed with an insane amount of information

➢  Over the course of 7 days you will receive an email a day that will have either posts, journal prompts, podcast episodes & a masterclass to check out

➢  During this daily series, each day will break down the foundational aspects of your chart into bite-size pieces for you to digest & begin to embody

➢  Best part, you’ll get to keep all this info in one place to return to as you continue on your human design journey as you’ll receive this series as an e-book at the end of your journey!

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What’s included:

➢  8 meditations related to energetic embodiment, grounding, connecting with your higher self & message/journal guidance

➢ 7 hypnoses related to: abundance, worthiness, success, money, embodiment & more

➢ Follow Kehla G on Insight Timer for free access to all her mindfulness resources

➢ 5 Human Design embodiment meditations for each types

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What's included:
➢  Are you craving transparency and freedom around what different entrepreneurial journeys can look like?

➢ Are you tired of feeling rushed or that you haven't achieved enough?

➢ Then this guide is for you because it will show you how to empower yourself & truly own your own story of what it means to be an entrepreneur and grow a business from the ground up!

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What's included:

The intention of this guide is to give you some educational resources related to the typical 'taboo' subjects of life to dive into in order to expand your wealth of knowledge and become more self-aware.

Since the last 3.5+ years of Kehla having her podcast channel she's interviewed 75+ people with each and every one of them having a powerful and unique journey to share. Grab this guide to get access to the gem conversations that she's had with some of the toughest life experiences people had to overcome.

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