Hey, I'm Kehla! 

Once a dedicated Personal Trainer, Physical Education and French Teacher, my journey took a captivating turn. Today, I stand as an online Spiritual Mindset & Business Coach with over 8 years of experience coaching clients globally. Between personal training and working with entrepreneurs around the world, I’ve supported and worked with hundreds, if not close to thousands of people.

I embody the essence of a 6/2 Sacral Generator, using the profound tools of Human Design and Gene Keys to empower Entrepreneurs. For over 5.5 transformative years, I've been lighting up the online space, helping incredible individuals embrace their authenticity and make an impactful, soul-aligned presence. 

My mission is all about fostering confidence, clarity, and making a difference. With a passion for nurturing energy, I guide clients towards creating businesses that harmonize with their unique frequencies. 

And guess what? I'm also the voice behind the "Living in Fierce Alignment" podcast. Over 400+ episodes and 120+ interviews later, it's become a hub of inspiration with tens of thousands of downloads in 38+ countries around the world. So, if you're ready to step into your power, serve purposefully, and build a thriving business that's in tune with your essence, you're in the right place. Welcome to a journey of transformation, soulful exploration, and meaningful growth!

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