I remember back in 2020 when I completed my Clinical Hypnotherapy certification through watching a series of videos and mastering the art of reading scripts to induce clients into a hypnotic state, it felt very anti-climatic and like something was missing.

Being trained to follow a script felt restrictive and lacked the playful and creative energy that can nurture change from a non-controlling state. For me, when following a script, it felt like I was assuming everyone’s subconscious mind functions in the same way.

Once I discovered the Gene Keys and realized the conscious and unconscious influence and impact of this system on people, I started to notice the power of infusing the Gene Keys language into hypnosis. This synthesis speaks to the individual's genetic shadows, gifts and highest frequencies of consciousness while supporting them with reprogramming their subconscious mind towards living their most illuminated life.

The reality is, hypnosis is like music. When we’re in tuned and on key with ourselves and our clients while infusing the wisdom of the Gene Keys into our hypnosis sessions, we create a unique song that speaks to the soul of the client that illuminates what they need to hear. This wisdom lives inside of us, not within a script. Here's your reason why it's time to get off script and on key with your hypnosis practice.

Hypnotic Keys is a now a high-touch self-paced, 1:1 and group online program where you will simultaneously learn about the Gene Keys for yourself and how to apply it to hypnosis with your clients.

You will receive Kehla’s signature offer The Gene Keys Business Guide  and access to a special portal with videos that break down each aspect of the Gene Keys from a hypnosis lens. This program will concurrently teach you about your own Gene Keys and how to read and understand the Gene Keys of your clients so that you can customize your services and go off script. This program will support you with trusting your intuition while connecting deeper with your clients as you utilize their unique energetic imprinting to reprogram their subconscious mind to be aligned with their desires in life.


Want to learn more about Hypnosis and the Gene Keys? Click the image to watch!

This 45min video is a masterclass that dives into Hypnosis and the Gene Keys. This is a great video for someone who is a Hypnotherapist or Meditation Teacher/Guide that hosts hypnosis or meditation sessions with clients and/or wishes to create recordings for meditation/hypnosis purposes while leveraging the wisdom of the Gene Keys.

What you can expect from this recording is:

  • What is Hypnosis
  • What are the Gene Keys
  • Why Hypnosis & Gene Keys are a phenomenal tool together
  • Examples of how to infuse the Gene Keys into hypnosis
  • Tangible value that you can immediately leverage & integrate into your sessions with clients
  • The Hypnotic Keys program

I’m a Spiritual Mindset Coach that loves working with Entrepreneurs on embodying their Human Design and Gene Keys in life and business.

The last few years of my business I've dove very deeply into Human Design and now I've moved more into the Gene synthesizing these two systems together to support business owners with their energetic embodiment. I think it helps immensely with eliminating the noise in the industry around needing to conform to certain tactics in order to create 'success' in business. 

What inspired me to create Hypnotic Keys was my own journey with the Gene Keys and how much this work supported me in my life and business with trusting my intuition. Once I felt more connected to myself through this work, I truly began to feel that I could take on any challenges in my life and business. Now I feel that it's my responsibility to share this wisdom with others so that my fellow Entrepreneurs can continue to unlock their full potential and make a massive impact with the people they serve. 

Hypnotic Keys is a synthesis of my signature offer The Gene Keys Business Guide and further videos to give you clarity and inspiration on how you can be fully-expressed with guiding your clients through hypnosis on a level that resonates with their genetic gifts and unique streams of consciousness. After this completing program & infusing this wisdom into your work, no two hypnosis sessions will ever look the same.


You’re a certified Hypnotherapist, Meditation instructor or coach  that loves exploring the subconscious mind but have been hung up on the process of ‘following a script’ or ‘sticking to what you learned works’ to the point that you’re lacking confidence in going off script to deliver powerful and unique experiences to your clients

The thoughts of.. What if they start to notice I’m just reading a script or sticking to one process? crosses your mind and starts to energetically shift you in the middle of hosting sessions that leaves you wondering if what you’re doing is actually sustainable and deeply relevant to your clients needs and transformation. Your actions are full of ‘I should do like this’ rather than following your intuition and having more of a feminine flow the way you explore the subconscious landscape of the human mind.

Perhaps the nuance and elusiveness of hypnotherapy has it be challenging to create and justify package commitments for sessions because there’s no way to determine a specific and personalized journey for clients so you’re left only booking one-off sessions and hoping your current clients come back for more

Or maybe you’re worried about being redundant in your sessions with clients yet you don’t quite trust yourself, your intuition or know how to pivot into the possibility of fully customizing your sessions with clients by going off script and taking them on journeys with the Gene Keys that actually speak to the genetic codes of their DNA, rather than just the subconscious landscape of their mind

All the while, you’re also fascinated by the Gene Keys, you feel the pull towards learning more and discovering how this can support you, your clients and your business. You love the contemplative aspect of this work, but you’re done with just ‘contemplating’ this wisdom and now you want to know how to apply the wisdom of the Gene Keys to not only your own life, business, finances and relationships but also those of your clients as well.

Hypnotic Keys is designed for you to go beyond just contemplating the Gene Keys and sticking to what you first learned as a Hypnotherapist that you know feels limiting. This program is a tool that’s going to teach you how to understand and apply them to your own business as a Facilitator and also use them as a tool to deeply support your clients subconsciously and energetically.

For yourself and your clients, imagine being able to:

  • Deeply integrate the shadow aspects of your energetic gifts so that you can learn from the repeated patterns you experience in life challenges, embrace them fully and release them with grace. No part of you gets rejected.
  • Experience mental, physical and emotional stability in your life so that you can be unapologetically self-expressed with a open heart and ready to deeply and intimately connect with others in your life
  • Gently explore your inner child wounding with grace and get the guidance on how to choose differently with how you design your current and future relationships by releasing old beliefs, behavioral patterns and triggers that no longer serve you
  • Redefine your relationship to money by understanding and applying with impact the deep inmate gifts that you have for co-creating prosperity in the world and bringing to life your deepest desires in your life, business and relationships
  • Have the confidence to customize and sell personalized packages to your clients because you understand their Gene Keys. Consciously and unconsciously using hypnotherapy and the Gene Keys with your clients means that you get to mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually support them in all areas of their life from a gentle, patient and curious perspective in every session
  • Kehla’s signature 92 page PDF Gene Keys Business Guide that contemplates the Gene Keys from an entrepreneurial lens (this will support you in how you show up in your business).
  • A breakdown of each aspect of the Gene Keys Golden Path (Activation, Venus & Pearl sequence) and how you can leverage this in hypnosis from a conscious and unconscious lens
  • 64 audio library recorded through an entrepreneurial lens on all the Gene Keys and how to contemplate them from a business perspective.
  •  70+ page PDF covering all 64 Gene Keys
  • 32+ examples throughout the videos of different sessions you can host for your clients leveraging their Gene Keys

High-Touch Journey:

  • 4 month experience
  • 4 months of 60min group calls
  • 4 months of 45min 1:1 calls
  • WhatsApp Chat Support M-F for the duration of the program

This program is now an evergreen enrolling program with high-level 1:1 support please contact Kehla below for more information


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