These sessions are the perfect opportunity for a soul touching & impactful  deep dive into your Human Design & Gene Keys so that you can realign yourself with your business in the most authentic, powerful and sustainable way possible

Kehla was formerly a Physical Education and French Teacher, turned Personal Trainer, turned online Spiritual Mindset Coach.

To say that her life was full of trial and error would be an understatement. For the first 29 years of her life, Kehla spent a lot of time doing things that did not light her up. She lived a life of frustration, feeling stuck and experiencing shame for not being able to figure out what she wanted to create for herself. Deep down she always knew there was more available for her and that her purpose was to make an impact with people. Since going deep into her own inner journey Kehla continues to evolve herself and break ceilings on what’s ‘realistic’ to achieve in life.

Kehla has, and continues to grow, her extensive background in personal development and coaching. Since 2014 while studying teaching in University, she indulged herself in personal development courses, books, seminars, certifications etc., in order to continue her personal growth so that she can have a holistic approach to transforming her clients and the people she works with mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually & energetically.

Over the last 9 years Kehla has immersed herself in many different coaching modalities such as: NLP, hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Law of Attraction Coaching, Reiki, Human Design & Gene Keys. All of which have contributed to her flourishing and loving her life as an Entrepreneur. Since beginning her entrepreneurial journey in 2016 as a Personal Trainer, she now has over 7 years of experience with coaching.

Since diving more deeply into the embodiment work of Human Design & contemplating her Gene Keys, Kehla has really discovered the power in embody one’s energetic blueprint in order to live their life & business in alignment. Kehla now works with Entrepreneurs who are seeking guidance on how they can embody their own Human Design & Gene Keys, so that they can show up fully self expressed, confident & powerful with their story in their life & business.

  • Sacred Success Human Design Business Focused Coaching Method
  • Sacred Success Human Design Manifestation Coaching Method
  • Sacred Success Human Design Reader
  • Certified Gene Keys Guide
  • Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach
  • Neuro-linguistic Practitioner
  • TIME Techniques Practitioner
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
  • CORE Success & Life Coach
  • Reiki Level I & II

Kehla offers 60min readings for the soulful business owners who want to dive deep into their Human Design & Gene Keys so that they can get clarity on how to embody and infuse their genetic codes and gifts into how they show up in business.

These readings are highly recommended for those who also have at least a foundational understanding of Human Design as Kehla is very fluid between the two systems to support people with the most authentic level of embodiment.

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This intensive session is designed to help business owners gain insight into their energetic connection to their business through the lens of Human Design & Gene Keys.

Together we'll run connection charts to you business, offers, services, etc. We'll chat about marketing, launching while honouring your energy and so much more! Understanding all of this will give you even more power with how you show up in business that's aligned for you! The session will be recorded & emailed after our coaching call with additional resources. We'll also have 5 days of WhatsApp support together for further integration.

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This hypnosis sessions are incredibly potent & powerful AF as they are created with the language based off your Gene Keys and Human Design. We're speaking to your soul on a cellular level in order to subconsciously shift your behaviour to be in energetic alignment with what you desire consciously.

What you can expect from this session is a preliminary coaching session followed by the remainder time being your personalized hypnosis. The entire session will be recorded and the hypnosis will be edited with music & emailed post-call in order to support you with further integration.

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This is a fantastic investment for someone who is new to Human Design & wants to understand the foundational aspects of their chart. This is a great resource for someone looking to have all their personalized information about their type, strategy, authority, profile, centers & definition all in one easy place to come back to read, digest & integrate accordingly!

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