Struggling to align your skills, passion and brilliance into a scalable offer?

I’ve connected with hundreds of service providers in the online space and most of them are seeking to create what the market needs rather than positioning themselves as an authority with their innate gifts and genius.

The long term consequence of this battle is that it dims your spotlight, causing you to doubt yourself and prevents you from truly shining and impacting your clients in a profound and lasting way. It hinders the growth of your business, robbing you of the opportunity to create something incredible, inspiring, and truly legacy-worthy.

Without a Signature Program, you risk blending into the crowd in your industry, struggling to differentiate yourself and failing to offer services that truly reflect your unique energy and ability to guide your clients toward life-changing transformations.


If you're committed to standing out in your industry and scaling your business, you have to own your genius and have a framework that supports you and your clients

Sound Relatable?

  • You're hustling like a one-person circus, but the applause you're getting is just an awkward slow clap in an empty hall, and it's seriously starting to piss you off.
  • Your graveyard of half-baked ideas could have been a potential goldmine, but now they're just a sad reminder of your 'shiny object syndrome' and a trail of unfinished business that's haunting you.
  • In your creative journey, it's a rollercoaster of 'Eureka!' moments swiftly followed by 'Wait, what am I even doing?' confusion, and you're stuck in this exhausting merry-go-round of self-sabotage, leaving you unsure about who you are and where you're headed. 
  • Your online presence feels like a ghost town, with tumbleweeds rolling across your posts, and your reels are getting fewer views than a black and white silent movie
  • You're watching your gifts gather dust, your audience dwindling, and the suffocating sense of shame is enough to make you want to chuck your laptop out the window before you even open it.
  • You're drowning in a toxic cocktail of over-delivering to compensate for a lack of structure, only to realize that it's driving you straight into burnout central, with a side of resentment - and suddenly, it feels like you're back to square one.

Not taking ownership of your genius by creating a Signature Program will keep you invisible to your ideal clients and stuck in hoping for the best rather than making a huge impact

What if, instead of driving yourself crazy trying to figure out what makes you stand out in your industry, there was an easier way? 

Rather than forcing things to work in your business, you discovered and successfully implemented your unique way of showing up.

Here's the secret to this program - we leverage your Human Design and Gene Keys to create your Signature Program so that you can not only excel in your industry through the uniqueness of your design and journey, you also get to unearth your best way to deliver and scale this program based on your Human Design capacity and brilliance.

This is an opportunity to blow the doors off your own damn mind and to walk with the innate wisdom inside of you in a way I guarantee you never have before.

In this program we meet 100% energetics with 100% strategythe old paradigm of 80% mindset and 20% strategy is out the window.

Over the course of 3 months (90 days), you'll be dripped biweekly modules inside a private program portal. Each module will have sub modules with additional videos. Videos range from 3min-30min and build onto the next to ensure your success!

In this module we focus on pulling out as much genius and understanding of your Human Design and Gene Keys so that we can begin to uncover your signature approach to your unique offer that we’re going to create in this program. This will also begin to show you how to run and deliver your program for sustainability.

The Focus: You get the tools to dive in your Human Design nuances (conscious/unconscious charts, planets, gates, channels, etc), The Activation Sequence int he Gene Keys, The Gene Keys Business Guide for entrepreneurial support and the 64 Gene Keys Audio library

In the 2nd module we use Kehla's unique approach of synthesizing your 3D lived experience and accomplishments with your Human Design brilliance and Gene Key Genius to get clarity on your niche and ideal client.

The Focus: Building on from the 1st module we dive into Pearl Sequence, common themes in your Human Design chart and also the wisdom pulled from your Activation Sequence to establish your unique selling proposition.

Now that we have clarity in how you're designed to operate, your brilliance, genius and you've established your unique selling proposition we get into connecting with your ideal client based on the wisdom of your Venus sequence so that you can being to create your program framework. This is where you learn how to execute effective market research so that you know exactly how to speak to your ideal client and leverage this information for content creation, marketing and selling in future modules.

The Focus: We dive into the Venus sequence for clarity on the patterns that show up that can effect your relationships and connections with your ideal clients. From here you'll be able to connect more deeply with yourself and others as you move towards building your signature program in the next module.

In this module we're focused on creating the framework for your program, high-level mapping of content while simultaneously matching this creation to how you're designed to build a sustainable program that supports your Human Design energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We'll also discuss pricing your program with integrity (say goodbye to pulling an angel number price out of your ass!).

The Focus:You'll be leveraging the three sequences of the Gene Keys to create a clear journey of how you're going to guide your clients through their transformation while also being deeply grounded in your Human Design.

This module is about visibility and getting crystal clear on your messaging so that you can start promoting your program and speak directly to your ideal clients. You'll create a program name, tag line and position yourself as the go-to person to deliver this service. We'll also be covering your content strategy for social media that will be a repeatable process and have you enjoy creating content to share your program.

The Focus: Through revisiting the wisdom of the Venus and Pearl Sequence, you'll know exactly what you write in order to connect with your fractal line and magnetize your ideal client. This intention of this week is to get deeply grounded in your wholeness so that you can share yourself from a place of overflowing confidence, love and commitment.

In this final module we will dive into how you deliver the program to your clients and your high-level plan of scaling moving forward from the program.

The Focus: At this point you'll have a very deep understanding of what you'll need from a Human Design lens to scale this offer and you'll be confident in embodying your Gene Keys and Human Design wisdom as you deliver this program to your clients creating life-altering transformations!

Private Support with Kehla all the way through the program, which includes:

  • 1:1 Zoom calls
  • WhatsApp Voice & Text Support

This support is designed to coach you from a Human Design lens while also holding you accountable to implement everything that you're learning.

  • The Gene Keys Business Guide (Valued at $444USD)

  • The Entrepreneurs 64 Keys to Contemplation (Valued at $88USD)

  • Foundational Human Design PDF (Valued at $122USD)

  • Shadow Synthesis Masterclass (Valued at $22USD)

  • Creating Your Game for Business Masterclass 5 x Series (Valued at $333USD)

I’m the genius behind the madness of Signature Program by Design.

I’m here to orchestrate the chaos that you’re experiencing around who the f*ck you are and where the f*ck you’re going!

I created this program from the essence of being a 6/2 Sacral Generator with only my G center and Sacral defined in my Human Design bodygraph. I’ve catapulted through many challenges as an entrepreneur and now I’m here to share my wisdom and role model how to take yourself and your business to the next level.

My energetic brilliance from my defined G center and Sacral electrifies leadership, direction, lovability and brings structure and juicy creative energy to what you’re committed to building through this program.

The openness in my chart allows me to bring fluidity and relieve the pressure that you feel in the stuck ways of thinking and being that are holding you back from being completely untethered and unapologetic about who you are and what you’re up to in the world as a service provider.

With nearly 5 years in my business and over 7 years of coaching clients globally, my mission is all about fostering confidence, clarity, and making a difference. I’ve supported and worked with hundreds, if not close to thousands of people through my online work. With a passion for nurturing energy, I guide clients towards creating businesses that harmonize with their unique frequencies that are scalable according to their energetic imprinting.

Due to the intimacy of this program, prior conversation to enrolling is required to ensure that we'll be the perfect fit to work together and you are well educated and empowered  by your decisions made.

Please complete the form below and book a 15min discovery call. This call is specifically to chat more about the challenges you're facing in your business and the goals you'd like to achieve.


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