In this guide, Kehla shows you how to leverage both your Human Design and Gene Keys in hypnosis. This integration and synthesis of these systems will help you be more specific and personalized with doing hypnosis with your clients so that you can ditch the script & trust your intuition with guiding your clients.

What you can expect is an 11 page PDF with clickable links regarding:

  • Leveraging the Human Design type, authority, not-self, signature & strategy in Hypnosis
  • Using the arrows in Human Design in your language for guiding clients in Hypnosis
  • The magic and difference between defined vs. undefined centers for Hypnosis
  • How to utilize the Activation, Venus and Pearl sequence in Hypnosis
  • 5 x podcast episodes on the Gene Keys & Hypnosis
  • 46min Masterclass on the Gene Keys & Hypnosis
  • 7 x instagram posts on the Gene Keys & Hypnosis
  • 5 x Guided Meditations for each of the Human Design Types

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