Are you tired of experiencing lack of confidence, have a strong desire to be more authentic and self expressed in the work that you do, and feel like you’re not making a big enough impact through your business?

Do you struggle to tap into your unique gifts and infuse them into every aspect of your business, leaving you feeling disconnected and unfulfilled?

Are you seeking profound insights from your Gene Keys and Human Design, but unsure of how to integrate this wisdom into your entrepreneurial journey?

Do you feel like you keep hitting up against a wall or experiencing blindspots in growing and thriving in your business?

As entrepreneurs, we all encounter blind spots in the foundation and core stability of our businesses. These blind spots can hinder our growth, leaving us uncertain about how to align our work with our authentic selves. The Illuminated Entrepreneur is designed specifically to support you in leveraging the Gene Keys to uncover these blind spots and empower you with the clarity and direction you need.

Through the program, we'll explore how to tap into your unique gifts and infuse them into every aspect of your business. By doing so, you'll forge deeper connections with your clients and experience a newfound sense of fulfillment and alignment.


I’m a Spiritual Mindset Coach that loves working with Entrepreneurs on embodying their Human Design and Gene Keys in life & business.

The last few years, I've dove very deeply into Human Design & now I've moved more into the Gene synthesizing these two systems together to support business owners with their energetic embodiment. I think it helps immensely with eliminating the noise in the industry around needing to conform to certain tactics in order to create 'success' in business. 

After creating the Gene Keys Business Guide, I wanted to offer the option of further support to those who love this work & want to go deeper. My biggest desire that lights me on fire is to support people with being more independent in their business & trusting their own intuition.

The Illuminated Entrepreneur journey is designed to support you in dismantling the old ways of doing business by taking a more gentle, curious & impactful approach in the way of nurturing, expanding & sustaining how you show up in your business.

Whether you're just interested in the Gene Keys Business Guide or you want to have additional guidance in your journey, The Illuminated Entrepreneur is unique because it's designed to give you additional support so that you can be more independent and confident in how you integrate the Gene Keys into your business.

Who's this for?

  • You have a deep love and passion for Human Design and Gene Keys and are eager to dive even deeper into this wisdom with the support and guidance
  • You are a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur who yearns to break free from the traditional way of doing business and wants to leverage your Human Design and Gene Keys to create a more authentic and purpose-driven approach to entrepreneurship.
  • You are committed to doing the inner work and are excited to explore and embrace your energetic shadows, gifts, and siddhis as you show up more authentically in your business and life.
  • Whether you prefer personalized 1:1 support or a self-paced learning experience, you feel both overwhelmed and enticed by the potential of Human Design and the Gene Keys, and you crave intuitive guidance to unlock the full potential of this transformative work.
  • The Illuminated Entrepreneur offers you the space to discover your own answers, apply this wisdom personally and effectively, and embark on a journey of authentic alignment and growth as you illuminate the path to entrepreneurial success.

What's included?

This program is a hybrid 1:1 and self paced experience that has lifetime access to content including updates.

  • 4 months (16 weeks)
  • 1:1 calls recorded and shared as valuable resources, providing personalized guidance
  • Fully personalized 92-page Gene Keys Business Guide PDF
  • Access to a 64 Gene Key Slide Deck and audio library tailored for entrepreneurs, recorded by Kehla, to support your GKBG journey and further contemplation
  • 32 videos exploring Gene Keys in business, infused with the wisdom of Human Design:
      • ¬†Create greater stability in your business
      • ¬†Discover your unique genius and four prime gifts
      • ¬†Open your heart to authentic relationships with your audience, team, and clients
      • ¬†Redefine your relationship with prosperity and learn sustainable co-creation and collaboration within your communities

Check out this masterclass to get a taste of how you can contemplate, integrate and embody the Gene Keys in your business.

In this masterclass I dive into:

  • What the Gene Keys are
  • How to look up your Gene Keys
  • What is The Art of Contemplation & The Gene Keys Approach
  • How to synthesize the Gene Keys with Business
  • Example: Life's work (36.6 & how I relate this to business)
  • Example: Attraction sphere (48.6 & how this shows up in business)
  • What¬†The Illuminated Entrepreneur¬†program is
  • Next steps on integrating the Gene Keys into your business

Due to the intimacy of this program, prior conversation to enrolling is required to ensure that we'll be the perfect fit to work together and you feel ready and empowered by your commitment physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

Please book a 15min discovery call below or contact Kehla with your questions

[email protected]

Book a 15min Discovery Call

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