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The Entrepreneurs 64 Keys to Contemplation

The Entrepreneurs 64 Keys to Contemplation is a PDF guide and 64 audio series recorded by Kehla that supports you with contemplating the Gene Keys through a business lens.

What you can expect is a 64+ page PDF that gives a short breakdown of each of the Gene Keys (shadow, gift, siddhi), a brief summary of the gate/center/circuitry associated with the Gene Key and guidance on the different ways to contemplate these Gene Keys related to business.

There are roughly 192+ questions and 64 audios that average 3-4 minutes each synthesizing the Gene Keys through an entrepreneurial lens so you can observe how this wisdom is coming alive through you and your business.

What's included:

  1. Access to a Kajabi portal that hosts the 64 recordings

  2. A downloadable PDF that complements the 64 readings & covers the above

*If you've already purchased the Gene Keys Business Guide, this is already included in your investment. If you want to purchase this first you will receive a discount if you decide later to invest in the GKBG. *The discount does not apply if there is a current sale on the GKBG. This purchase is non-refundable because of the immediate access/downloadable content. Please email [email protected] if you have any further questions.