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Vast Vision

A lot of people are struggling with the implementation of HD & GKs in their life & business:

  • They don't know how to interpret their gates, channels and planets in their chart or what to do with this information

  • They are annoyed with generalized information targeted to sacral beings (Hello Projectors, Manifestors, Reflectors - I see you!)

  • They don't understand how to implement & infuse their Human Design into their business

  • They don't know how to alchemize & integrate the shadows in their chart so they can be self-empowered

  • They're curious about business connection charts, but don't know how to understand & implement the wisdom from them

So, this is what we'll be covering

Video 1:
How to decode, interpret & leverage the energy of your gates, planets & lines of your chart & how to bring this into your business

Video 2:
Conscious chart vs. Unconscious charts & why you may not just ‘one type’ & how to capitalize on this - here is where we redefine the 'types' in Human Design & how this can impact you in life & business

Video 3:
Business connection charts - here we will learn how to co-create with your business, rather than 'identify as it' & then uncover the importance of setting energetic boundaries while also embracing our conditioning & shadow experiences