If you've already heard about my signature Gene Keys Business Guide, Illuminated to Impact is designed to take these embodiment practices to the next level.

This space is a 3 month journey where you'll get the opportunity to work 1:1 with me while simultaneously being surrounded by a like-minded community that's also interested and committed to bringing Human Design and the Gene Keys embodiment work into their business & in how they serve their clientele.

In Illuminated to Impact you'll deep dive into your fully customized 92 page Gene Keys PDF alongside additional modules to support you in contemplating, integrating and emanating your Genius, Unconditional Love and Prosperity into your life & business.

This is not a traditional or formal business coaching container where we dive into strategy, marketing, niching, sales, launching, etc.

Illuminated to Impact is an opportunity to redefine the old paradigm of business by giving you the space and support to come home to yourself, discover how your Gene Keys show up in your business and how to take aligned action with this wisdom through the embodiment of your Human Design.

The intention of Illuminated to Impact is to unravel all the old conditioning that you know to be untrue for you in how you want to show up in your business, so that you can continue to deeply trust yourself in showing up in the most authentic & sustainable way possible.


I’m a Spiritual Mindset Coach that loves working with Entrepreneurs on embodying their Human Design and Gene Keys in life & business.

The last few years, I've dove very deeply into Human Design & now I've moved more into the Gene synthesizing these two systems together to support business owners with their energetic embodiment. I think it helps immensely with eliminating the noise in the industry around needing to conform to certain tactics in order to create 'success' in business. 

After creating the Gene Keys Business Guide, I wanted to offer the option of further support to those who love this work & want to go deeper. My biggest desire that lights me on fire is to support people with being more independent in their business & trusting their own intuition.

The Illuminated to Impact journey is designed to support you in dismantling the old ways of doing business by taking a more gentle, curious & impactful approach in the way of nurturing, expanding & sustaining how you show up in your business.

Whether you're just interested in the Gene Keys Business Guide or you want to have additional guidance in your journey, Illuminated to Impact is unique because the doors are always open (it's an evergreen) so that you can join when you feel called without the pressure of a traditional open/closed launch.

Who's this for?

Illuminated to Impact is for the heart-driven soulful Entrepreneur who...

  • Loves Human Design & Gene Keys & wants to dive deeper with support into this wisdom & make it personal & applicable
  • Owns a business, or is starting a business & wants to break the paradigm of the traditional way of doing business by leveraging their Human Design & Gene Keys
  • Is seeking to discover their own answers to the nuances of business & is committed to doing the inner work to show up more authentically through their energetic shadows, gift & siddhis
  • Is seeking 1:1 support and also to be part of a community of like-minded souls who are driven to making a huge impact in the world
  • Feels overwhelmed, yet enticed by Human Design & the Gene Keys & wants guidance with a more intuitive way of interpreting this work & utilizing it to it's full potential

What's included?

  • A fully personalized 92 page Gene Keys Business Guide PDF
  • A 64 Gene Key Slide Deck & audio library for entrepreneurs recorded by Kehla to support you with the GKBG guide & further contemplation in this journey *This is being recorded & dropped in early 2023
  • 3 months (12 weeks) of both 1:1 & community support via WhatsApp and 1:1/group calls
  •  4 x 45min 1:1 calls together that will also be recorded & shared with you as further resources
  • 3 x group community Q&A/contemplation calls
  • 6 Modules related to Human Design & Gene Keys in business for further guidance of how to create more stability, discover your genius, 4 primes gifts, how to open up your heart in your relationships with your audience, team & clients & finally, how to to redefine your relationship to prosperity & discover in the most sustainable way possible how to co-create & collaborate prosperity through & with your communities


In Illuminated to Impact you will also get access to the original content of the Gene Keys through the Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence and Pearl Sequence courses.

*If you've already completed these courses then the cost will be deducted from the main price at the bottom of this landing page. Please check out the FAQ section for more details.



Prices are listed in USD. There will be an application process  to complete prior to joining Illuminated to Impact. More details about all the things found in FAQ below. *If you've already bought a Gene Keys Business Guide you will have a coupon towards Illuminated to Impact. If you've already invested the original Gene Keys courses you will also receive a discount with the above price. Please email [email protected] to discuss this further!


This is an extensive FAQ section in order to inform you with as much information as possible so that you can make the best informed decision for yourself if you'd like to invest in this offer. Please read the entire FAQ section before emailing Kehla any inquiries. Thank you!